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Neelkanth Apartments

Talagang Co-operative Group Housing Society Ltd

Home to 346 flats, numerous facilities and landscapes, Neelkanth Apartments is located at Sector-13, Rohini, Delhi-110085 . Comprises 56 four-BHK, 194 three-BHK and 56 two-BHK flats, all with lifts, and 40 two-BHK flats without lifts.

The society was registered as Talagang House Building Society Ltd on 23-5-1949 with address at 22-A, Connaught Place, New Delhi. The purpose was to get housing plots from the Ministry of Rehabilitation, Govt of India to the displaced persons from West Pakistan. The Government of India, however, dropped all schemes designed to give land, building material, loan etc. to cooperative house building socities and hence the society remained on paper only. Later, as per government orders, the name of the society was changed to Talagang Co-operative Group Housing Society Ltd. with address at 35/1-H Block, Connaught Circus, New Delhi.